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Plush toys or stuffed toys as they are sometimes called; are popular with kids of various ages, whether they are stuffed animals, licensed stuffed toys or soft rag dolls. They are perfect for gifts for babies, toddlers, and young girls up to 11 years old, because they make great cuddling companions and warm friends in bed and anywhere. In addition, soft toys are readily available and a nice variety can be found at most local stores and they are also very popular online. The only catch with stuffed toys for parents is that kids are always looking for something new and trendy or like one would say the hottest toy around each year. So companies like us, GirlznDollz always have to keep up to date with fashion and introduce something fresh & fun every year to compete. We try to do just that by making all of our rag dolls limited edition, which in turn allows our dolls to remain current, something that our customers absolutely love. That’s definitely one of the reasons we called our fabric dolls: fashion dolls.

So with that in mind, this year, GirlznDollz is on trend and right on time with their new 2016-2017 doll & accessory line introduced both at the Astra 2016 show in Denver in June and the Philly Gift show in July.

So let’s see what’s new at GirlznDollz for this coming Fall & winter!

A new princess Line

Since our 14” totz dolls are our most popular doll size as they are ideal for babies & young toddlers, we have introduced a Leila soft pink princess doll, all pink with silver crown and trims, a dark pink Leila Fairy Princess with gold crown and wings and our African American (black or multiracial) Elana doll as a brown skinned white angel doll. So far, these little gems have been very popular at the trade shows and pricing is still reasonable at $14.99, which make them an affordable gift and a great impulse buy. 

But, even more popular this year are our jumbo versions of the Princess line. We have kept them simple, but beautiful and sparkly. The jumbo princesses are 25” in size. Adorned with gold and silver trims, our larger princess rag dolls will come in 3 styles: all pink/silver Leila Princess, a traditional blonde princess doll with blue dress & crown and our brown skin,(black or multiracial) princess doll with hot pink fashion.  Those jumbo princess fabric dolls will make a unique gift for Christmas, Hanukah or any  holidays and will run for $24.99.

 Soft Plush toys as the new pets

Completely new this year are our new pet friends, which we introduce to you as Jewels the puppy - Leila’s new soft pet,  and Tessie the glam pony, Emme’s new plush friend . These super soft stuffed animals, in fashionable fabrics are still very girly & sparkly and make a wonderful & whimsical addition to our soft doll line. Our adorable soft pets also come assorted with 3D blankets that every little girl will love. These 2 new items added to the GirlznDollz line are as follow:  A pink furry & extra soft blanket, full of rhinestones matches the fabric of Jewels the pup, and a leopard blanket with multi-color pompom matches the cape of Tessie the pony.

Since our original Leila Holiday doll is almost sold out, we are introducing a 14” Jessica holiday doll in a hot pink zebra print outfit, and a matching purse, sold separately!  We will also have a winter themed Jessica doll in 18” size, and she comes with a matching purse as well. Finally Emme, our most popular ethnic brown skin  rag doll is now dressed in a leopard outfit and also comes with a matching purse, sold separately. She is already loved by many and is a great seller at the trade shows!

All soft dolls, blankets and stuffed animals will be available for Pre-order by early September and will be in stock by end of September. At GirlznDollz, we can’t wait for Fall, Christmas and the other holidays to come!


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Here are some fun suggestions of great summer activities for a toddler

Moms, grandparents, here are a few fun things you can do with  your child. Also find some great child friendly activities to suggest to your toddler this summer that can be shared with friends.

Make Homemade Popsicle

Using fresh squeezed lemonade or apple juice, make your child a fruit juice Popsicle or make a smoothie Popsicle with fresh blended fruit like watermelon & pineapple, mixed berries, strawberry and banana. Pop them in the freezer after blending for 2 hours for a great frozen treat.

Make homemade ice cream sandwiches

This should be easy and fun to do with kids of ages 3 and up. Be creative. Use your favorite soft cookie and ice cream flavor of your choice. Decorate with gummy bears, rainbow or chocolate sprinkles or other chocolate treats.

Grow a small vegetable garden such as tomatoes that’s easy to do and encourage your toddler to get involved in watering and harvesting.

Find a local farm and go blueberry or cherry Picking

After spending time all day at the farm, freeze your pickings for frozen fruit, make preserve, or bake homemade pies with your toddler.

 Have a backyard picnic on your lawn.

Invite your child’s best friends, the neighbors or just close family and use their favorite toys or dolls for company and have a picnic on your front lawn or backyard.

Have a BBQ picnic at a local park.

 Have a spontaneous BBQ picnic at a local park close to a playground. Invite other parents and share the food & have some relaxing fun and reconnect with friends from school. Bring their favorite toys, rag dolls and board games.

Play dress up with friends and have a doll pageant

Play dress up among friends or with fashion dolls or stuffed toys and have a pageant for best dressed at the end.

Put together a doll party

Have an afternoon Iced Tea Party with friends, their dolls, and your toddler’s favorite stuffed teddy bears. Invite their girlfriends to bring their own soft toys or plastic dolls and organize an afternoon doll party.

Hold a bike parade

A bike parade can be super fun with kids and will encourage your children to stay active and do a fun exercise. Invite the kids in neighborhood, have them decorate their bikes with stickers, flags and their favorite rag doll or soft toys and have everyone (including the dolls), dress up for the occasion.

 Freshen up your toddler’s doll collection

Freshen up your toddler’s doll collection by updating the dolls’ wardrobe with flea market finds, exchanging doll clothes with friends or swapping clothes from plastic fashion dolls to use on soft rag dolls and vice and versa.

Freshen up your toddler’s room this summer

Redecorate your toddler’s room with a few summer décor like summer flowers, fun doll pillows, a girly border, some fun doll posters, or it could just by rearranging or organizing their doll closet/trunk.

 Participate in fun local activities

Find out about outdoor movie nights and concerts happening in your local community for kids. They are easy to find at your local library or municipal recreation programs or at your local church. Many stay at home moms, single moms and toddler moms often form groups and blogs to share in activities and community news. Keep in touch and get involved.

I hope you and your child can find any of these suggestions fun and useful. Feel free to comment or share some fun ideas of your own.



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GirlznDollz, a manufacturer and wholesaler of soft rag dolls and accessories is known for their super soft and highly fashionable doll line, specializing in fun & unique pink dolls,

and black & ethnic dolls, which are usually hard to find in the marketplace. 



 If you are looking for a great birthday gift or just a unique toy for a special girl for any occasion, check us out online at our home website at GirlznDollz.com. Our soft fabric dolls can also be found in other major online marketplaces like Amazon.com and Overstock.com, as well some other e-tailers such as Pattycakedoll.com, Clickhere2shop.com, and Unbeatablesale.com. Pick the retailer with the best selection, price and offer, or choose the most familiar or the most convenient for you.

 GirlznDollz promises our customers a great shopping experience and our dolls make an even more unique gift with our free dollhouse gift box available with purchase at the customer’s request exclusively at Girlzndollz.com. At GirlznDollz.com, you will find our entire selection of dolls, doll previews and pre-orders of new arrivals. We also carry more options and sets than any other e-tailers carrying our product. Keep an eye out for GirlznDollz specials on our home site and take advantage of free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

 You can also find various styles of GirlznDollz soft fabric dolls in Mexico at Shaooli.com. Select styles of our soft fabric dolls are also sold at various toy & gifts stores in NY, NJ and RI at the following stores: Handcrafters in Livingston, NJ, The paint Tube in   Englewood, NJ, The Boro Toy Shoppe, in Hillsborough, NJ, Over the Moon Toys in Highland Park, NJ, Celebrity kids in Tenafly, NJ, The Toy box, in Franklin Lakes, NJ, Big Fun Toy store, in Hoboken, NJ, and Ray Willis Toys & Bike in Westerly, RI, Spoiled Rotten, in Woodbury NY, The Growcery in Glen Rock, NJ to name a few.

 As a wholesaler, GirlznDollz participates in a variety of trade shows (toy and gift shows) such as Astra, the upcoming gift show in Philly, the IGES show in Smoky Mountain, TN.  Also visit us at our booths in 2017 at Toy Fair, NY and the ASD show in Las Vegas. Show dates & booth numbers are always updated on our website event page as soon as they are confirmed.

 GirlznDollz baby and toddler dolls are fashionable, affordable and washable, just a few things parents love about our dolls. Girls just love to cuddle with GirlznDollz!  Each doll is a collectible, limited edition. Collect one! Collect them all!

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Dance and ballet recitals are coming up soon and GirlznDollz soft rag dolls can make the most adorable & affordable gifts for our toddler girl dancers.

http://www.girlzndollz.com is your online doll store for toddlers where you can find the most unique baby dolls for girls. If you are looking for soft dolls for toddlers and infants, that are also cute and affordable, you have to check out our GirlznDollz store. Whether it’s for a birthday, or an upcoming recital, or for a baby shower, our soft baby dolls are great gift ideas for infants, girls or young toddlers.

For Recital or birthday gifts:

Our sparkly ballerinas are pink and girly, making them ideal gifts for our  ballerina dancers.

Add the matching purse to create an even special gift that your young dancer will never forget. Our ballerina or dancer dolls with purse are among our best selling baby dolls for girls because they are affordable & provide outstanding value for the parent, while creating lasting memories for the toddler.

 Watch our Youtube video reviews here through this link to find out more about our best selling dolls and doll purses and our giveaway lasting until 5/2/16. https://youtu.be/FQexH2GqSJY



For baby shower gifts or birthday gifts for infants!

GirlznDollz online doll store also has soft baby dolls for infants that are made with washable fabrics, with no plastics, making them very safe for babies and great soft dolls for toddlers to cuddle with. Grab them by themselves to add to a baby shower basket, for stocking stuffers or add the dollhouse gift box for a ready made gift box for birthday gifts.




Find the softest, most unique Dolls for Toddlers for holiday and Christmas gifts at http://www.girlzndollz.com December 24 2015, 1 Comment

Looking for soft and affordable dolls for toddlers this holiday Season? Check out GirlznDollz incredibly soft & unique rag dolls. GirlznDollz.com has an amazing variety of dolls for toddlers and girls of various ages, as well as for babies and newborns. We have received amazing feedback from parents and grandparents on how soft and affordable GirlznDollz soft rag dolls are. The little girls themselves just love to cuddle with our soft dolls which are cuddly and safe for them. The smaller dolls, 14” in size are great for Christmas stocking stuffers. They can be ordered by themselves, or they can come in the dollhouse box, which serves as a storage for the dolls but also a ready made gift box for a great holiday gift. 

More doll choices for toddlers are offered in larger size dolls. This size is the same as the American girl doll size. Packaged with the dollhouse gift box, it is a very sizeable toddler doll and makes an awesome Christmas gift. Most dolls in that size are priced at $24.99, but at http://www.girlzndollz.com, find all toddler dolls under $19.99, with starting price at $12.99.





We also offer the smaller rag dolls in the doll purses as well and these are especially popular for toddler girls this Christmas. At http://www.girlzndollz.com , we offer a great selection of doll purses and bags, assorted with the most popular and our best selling rag doll styles. The doll purses with a full size doll inside are exclusive to GirlznDollz and can only be found at http://www.girlzndollz.com   or GirlznDollz affiliate stores. They are unique and make affordable Christmas, or holiday gifts. 

So start your Christmas shopping at http://www.girlzndollz.com   and get amazing deals, variety and unique rag dolls for toddlers and girls up to 10 years old. Browse our website to find the most adorable rag dolls in pink hair, blue hair, blonde, brunette hair, and even orange hair as can be seen with our Lexie doll. Also find special interest dolls like ballerinas, dancers, mermaids, holiday and newborn dolls, and ethnic dolls, great for black, Hispanic, and multiracial babies, toddlers and girls.


GirlznDollz has put together a list of holiday picks based on our best selling dolls throughout the year and our customers’ feedback and reviews. Please feel free to use this as a gift guide for your holiday shopping at  http://www.girlzndollz.com.

Our holiday picks for babies and children under 3 years old: For that age group, Leila Polka Dot Cutie and Elana winter cute have been our customer’s favorites. With the hats and minimal hair, these rag dolls are great for babies and younger toddlers who are still teething. The outfits are simple, bright, but not removable, which make these dolls safer and easily washable.


We also have fun and adorable boy dolls in 2 choices as shown above. Cedric boy doll with traditional brown hair is popular with parents, while children (boy and girl toddlers) are more attracted to Nicholas, which has fun green hair and looks bright in an adorable green/orange outfit. All these dolls are 14” in size, designed for all ages and priced at $12.99, making them very affordable holiday, birthday, or baby shower gifts.

Our top holiday choices for toddlers and children 3 and up

GirlznDollz has a wide selection of soft toddler dolls for that age group. Our most popular and best selling dolls are our pink hair Leila dolls, Cameron the rainbow mermaid and our doll purses, of course the pink hair versions. Below find our top sellers in that category, listed in the order pictured: Leila cute, Cameron the rainbow mermaid, Jessica pretty in pink, then Leila dancer with bag, Leila Holiday Dress up with bag in hot pink and light pink versions. The doll purses make unique gifts with great value to the customer because of the bonus toddler purse with actual size doll. The individual soft rag dolls are also great choices as they are as soft and cuddly. and are affordably priced at $12.99 with a ready made dollhouse gift box.


  Our customer’s Favorites for older toddlers and Tween girls

Here are our top doll recommendations for the holiday based on our best selling items for children in that age group. The rag dolls pictured below are great gift choices for older toddlers, kindergarten age children, and tween girls up to 10-11 years old. These sparkly large size dolls are 18” in length, are very well accessorized with rhinestones, their own purses and bows to be  as fashionable and trendy as other fashion dolls in the marketplace. They come in a large dollhouse shaped box, prefect for Christmas or birthday gifts. Our top seller is Leila Rockstar, next is our Emme pink or purple version, then our Victoria doll.



We hope you find our recommendations useful this holiday season and can use our picks to help you with your holiday shopping. Please visit http://www.girlzndollz.com to view our entire soft doll selection. You can also e-mail us at girlzndollz@gmail.com, use our contact page or simply call us at 908-912-6955.

What’s Trending at GirlznDollz.com? November 09 2015, 0 Comments

  1. Leila dolls

Ever since our 2014 launch, our “Leila Cute” pink hair doll with blue eyes, ruffled dress and flower accessories, has been the favorite among our customers. A year and an half later, she is still our best seller. Leila cute is pink, simple, but yet so adorable, as we’ve been told by parents and kids who fell in love with that doll. Surprisingly, that doll crosses over many seasons and stays consistently the best seller no matter the area, platform or event where it is sold. One would not be surprised to know that “Leila Cute” was indeed the owner’s first doll design in the GirlznDollz line.

 Because of the continuous interest and success of our “Leila Cute” doll, GirlznDollz has expanded the line to create a variety of Leila dolls dressed in different outfits by season, by age group, and also to cover different interests. At the GirlznDollz store, you can also find Leila school outing in a fall outfit, Leila Polka dot Cutie designed for babies, newborns and young toddlers, Leila dancer for the ballerinas and dancers, and Leila Rock Star ideal for older girls, 5 years and up. See below doll pictures with various Leila styles with the first one, Leila cute and others as named above in order. Our Leila dolls come in 14” size and 18” size with prices ranging from $12.99 to $19.99.


2.  Doll Purses

Our Leila doll line also extends in doll purses, which are our next top sellers in the GirlznDollz line. Girls have fallen in love with our doll purses. This great combination of doll and purse offers a great value to our customers with 2 gifts in one. With the doll purses, GirlznDollz gets extremely creative and girly by offering fun choices for girls ranging from tutu styled purses, candy shaped bags and holiday purses.

 As shown here, our doll purses include a full size 14” doll and a little girl’s purse, which as a set, have great play value as the purse can be used as a doll carrier, a doll crib or simply a toddler handbag. Children absolutely adore the purse sets and parents love the price. The doll purses are indeed competitively priced at $19.99 offering a unique holiday or birthday gift under $20.

 On sale since last Christmas 2014, we found that customers prefer the doll purses to the traditional display box package because the purses are reusable, there are no boxes wasted, and most of all they are convenient to pack and ship. As the holiday approaches, our soft rag dolls with matching purse make a unique and affordable gift, perfect for any little girl who loves dolls. Great for toddlers and older children, they are also washable, and come in a variety of styles that can be matched with various other GirlznDollz with blonde, brunette, pink hair and red hair, as well as ethnic dolls.


  1. Mermaid Dolls

Lastly, our mermaid dolls have also been very popular since they were introduced this summer. They are fun, sparkly, and very colorful. Cameron the Rainbow mermaid doll is the favorite of the two, and is ranked our 2nd best seller, after Leila Cute. She is the 14” blond mermaid with side pony tail, pink sparkle top, and a rainbow tail that attracts all the little girls. The bright colors mixed with the sparkle rainbow tail, is definitely a winning combination among toddlers.

 At Girlzndollz, we are always working to develop innovative dolls and accessories. Coming up next year is personalization of our dolls, introduction of princess dolls, pink hair ethnic dolls, and possibly a line of clothing and accessories for the existing dolls. Feel free to provide your comments, and let us know which style of bags and dolls you would like to see next in our line. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback on what we are working on and tell us what we are missing.

What makes GirlznDollz rag dolls unique? October 13 2015, 0 Comments

  • GirlznDollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl! Our dolls are designed to be extremely girly, hence the extreme use of pink and purple colors that girls love and as much glitter and sparkle fabrics as possible in our doll designs. You can also see pink and the word “girl” consistently used in our logo and our website: http://www.girlzndollz.com
  • GirlznDollz has a powerful and positive message to girls. Be Confident, Be Happy, Be you. Through our dolls, we encourage girls to express their individuality, to be confident and to believe in themselves. The girls’ mantra at GirlznDollz is “I AM ME” and that slogan is strongly personified in our dolls, their stories and personalities.
  • Our rag dolls are made of high quality fabrics that are fashionable and as trendy as the popular plastic dolls in the marketplace
  • Our dolls contain no plastic pieces since the eyes are embroidered and all parts are sewn. GirlznDollz rag dolls are made only with soft materials which make the dolls as cuddly as a stuffed teddy bear. Girls just love to cuddle with our dolls. 
  • Since our dolls are only made of fabrics, they are washable, a benefit parents love. 
  • Girlzndollz appeal to a wide age group of children, from newborn babies, to young toddlers and tween girls. Pre-school, kindergarten and grammar school age children are our primary customers. 
  • GirlznDollz rag dolls are very affordable and priced to fit every budget. All dolls are strategically priced under $20. 
  • Our dolls come with a uniquely designed dollhouse gift box, which is reusable as a gift box, doll storage or a fantasy dollhouse. An alternative to the dollhouse box is our best selling doll purses which come are available in many styles and can be used as doll carrier or a little girl’s hand bag.     

GirlznDollz’ Children Holiday guide: find trendy and affordable gifts to fit any budget October 13 2015, 1 Comment


At GirlznDollz.com, our goal is to provide high quality, fashionable rag dolls at affordable prices. Reduce holiday spending anxiety when you shop at http://www.girlzndollz.com . See our picks for different age groups based on our most popular, best selling dolls.


Dolls for newborn and babies under $15

Our Leila Polka dot cutie and Cameron Gingham Cutie, as pictured are great choices for newborns and young toddlers who are still teething. These dolls are incredibly soft and safe for all ages. They were designed with minimal hair and embroidered eyes to minimize any choking hazards since babies tend to put everything in their mouth. The hats are completely sewn on the doll’s head and the clothes and shoes can only be removed by an adult. These dolls are available in choice of soft pink and darker pink. We also have 2 styles of boy dolls great for young baby boys, available in traditional brown hair and in a fun green hair version. All dolls are 14” in size and priced at $12.99

Dolls for toddlers and children 3 and up, under $15

GirlznDollz offers a wide variety of cuddly toddler rag dolls, which vary in colors and designs. They ship in a free dollhouse shaped display box. Choose from ballerina, mermaid and holiday dolls. Our Leila dolls with pink hair and the mermaids are among the most popular styles, favored by most girls of various ages. Parents who are looking for more traditional dolls who look like their child, get to choose from brown hair, blonde and even red hair dolls. Check out http://www.girlzndollz.com to view our complete line of Leila dolls and dolls in various hair colors.

Dolls for toddlers and Tween girls under $20

Here for gifts under $20, our recommendations are our best selling doll purses. These are actual little girl hand bags, which can also be used as doll carriers. Those have been our best sellers since last Christmas and have continued to be very popular at retail stores, online and at various events all year long. Because of their popularity, we have added many styles from candy shaped bags, to doll purses shaped like ballerina or tutu skirts and holiday style bags. Inside each bag is a full size 14” doll, which is a great value by providing shoppers with 2 gifts in one, and perfect for children 3 years and up.

Other great choices are our larger 18” size dolls, which come in a large dollhouse shaped box and are great for older children 5 years and up. Of course, one cannot go wrong with our best selling, and award winning pink hair doll: Leila Rockstar.

Finally, http://www.girlzndollz.com carries a great selection of cute, unique ethnic dolls priced under $15 and under $20. They are available in 14” size, 18” size and in various styles, colors and doll purses. They are great for various ethnic cultures, black, multiracial and Hispanic families. Our best selling ethnic rag dolls are shown here. Please check our website to view our complete selection of black, ethnic dolls available for sale.


The Holidays are right around the corner….Here’s a few tips to tackle your children's holiday list! September 24 2015, 0 Comments

 Buying children toys for the holidays can quite a challenge for some families. For parents and children, the holidays often mean different things. For the child, it symbolizes toys, Santa, and time off school. For the parent, it means holiday list, holiday shopping, huge crowd, and a big dent in the family’s budget. 

 The holiday list is usually a long list of gifts to be purchased for children in the immediate and extended family. That task has becomes quite a chore for the mother, who is usually in charge of making the list, and shopping for that list. Many parents can agree that this added responsibility creates a lot of stress and anxiety during the holiday season.

 Fortunately, the younger the child, the easier and shorter the holiday list can be since it is usually created by the parent,  and a baby or small toddler tends to appreciate any toy that is received as long as it’s soft, colorful, makes some type of noise, or relates to a familiar show or theme.

Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions for the new parent or grandparent when creating a holiday list and shopping for that age group.

-  Look out for toy holiday guides from various mommy blogs, TV shows or family magazines that often feature the hottest children toys by age group (infant & pre-school), or from eco-friendly to educational toys.

- Check toy reviews from trusted sources and websites and see what their recommendations are by age groups. Those sites are usually well informed on the newest toys, toy safety and recalls.

- Your neighborhood toy store can create a personal and easier shopping experience as their owners or clerks are usually very helpful in guiding the new parent or disoriented shopper with their holiday toy list. If shopping at large retailers, check out their best sellers, or toy recommendations and read online reviews from other parents.

- Finally, keep in mind the following elements when shopping for infant/young toddler toys: softness, washability, safety, attractiveness in terms of color and creativity.

 Now for the older child, the holiday list tends to be longer and more expensive because the list often includes the trendiest toys from TV ads and shows. Although more extensive, creating and shopping for that list is an easier task since older children are quite involved in making their Santa wish list.

What to do before creating and shopping for the holiday list

The main thing is to listen to your children’s comments, be aware of the shows they love and the ads that catch their eye. You can also find out what are the hottest toys by searching for popular movies of the year and the licensed toys associated with these movies, or simply browsing retailer’s best selling items.

The biggest trick however is staying within a certain budget when shopping for the holiday list. That can be accomplished by checking for deals, and comparison shopping online before hitting the stores.

Another suggestion is to enlist the help of grandparents, aunts, and in-laws to share in the expense of certain toys on the list, or just simply dividing the list of toys with the family, and deciding who will buy which toys. This will ensure that the whole list is covered, in turn reducing potential disappointment, while at the same time controlling holiday expenses and stress.

Finally, have the child prioritize their wish list, so the most wanted items are on top of the list and not forgotten by Santa or you. Since many wish list items are usually those expensive licensed or electronic toys, knowing the important items on the holiday list will help figuring out the holiday budget and what toy expense will need to be shared.

 We hope at GirlznDollz, we can help ease any budget anxiety over holiday shopping for girls and young boys since our dolls are either under $15 or $20;  prices we hope can fit any budget. Be sure to check www.girlzndollz.com during the holiday buying season for various sales, promotions and free shipping incentives. We will make sure to post best selling items and will update our “sales and events” page weekly to promote a great shopping experience.