GirlznDollz has put together a list of holiday picks based on our best selling dolls throughout the year and our customers’ feedback and reviews. Please feel free to use this as a gift guide for your holiday shopping at

Our holiday picks for babies and children under 3 years old: For that age group, Leila Polka Dot Cutie and Elana winter cute have been our customer’s favorites. With the hats and minimal hair, these rag dolls are great for babies and younger toddlers who are still teething. The outfits are simple, bright, but not removable, which make these dolls safer and easily washable.


We also have fun and adorable boy dolls in 2 choices as shown above. Cedric boy doll with traditional brown hair is popular with parents, while children (boy and girl toddlers) are more attracted to Nicholas, which has fun green hair and looks bright in an adorable green/orange outfit. All these dolls are 14” in size, designed for all ages and priced at $12.99, making them very affordable holiday, birthday, or baby shower gifts.

Our top holiday choices for toddlers and children 3 and up

GirlznDollz has a wide selection of soft toddler dolls for that age group. Our most popular and best selling dolls are our pink hair Leila dolls, Cameron the rainbow mermaid and our doll purses, of course the pink hair versions. Below find our top sellers in that category, listed in the order pictured: Leila cute, Cameron the rainbow mermaid, Jessica pretty in pink, then Leila dancer with bag, Leila Holiday Dress up with bag in hot pink and light pink versions. The doll purses make unique gifts with great value to the customer because of the bonus toddler purse with actual size doll. The individual soft rag dolls are also great choices as they are as soft and cuddly. and are affordably priced at $12.99 with a ready made dollhouse gift box.


  Our customer’s Favorites for older toddlers and Tween girls

Here are our top doll recommendations for the holiday based on our best selling items for children in that age group. The rag dolls pictured below are great gift choices for older toddlers, kindergarten age children, and tween girls up to 10-11 years old. These sparkly large size dolls are 18” in length, are very well accessorized with rhinestones, their own purses and bows to be  as fashionable and trendy as other fashion dolls in the marketplace. They come in a large dollhouse shaped box, prefect for Christmas or birthday gifts. Our top seller is Leila Rockstar, next is our Emme pink or purple version, then our Victoria doll.



We hope you find our recommendations useful this holiday season and can use our picks to help you with your holiday shopping. Please visit to view our entire soft doll selection. You can also e-mail us at, use our contact page or simply call us at 908-912-6955.