About Us

GirlznDollz came into existence as a result of the founder’s passion for dolls as a child, and her love of fashion! Her inspiration for the dolls was also fueled by her daughter, who also shares her passion for dolls  and playing dress up! Together, they helped create all the outfits and accessories we find on each doll. 
The GirlznDollz team consists of toy industry professionals, with 20+ years of experience in toy and doll marketing. They have been the masterminds behind some of the most innovative products sold to key toy retailers. At GirlznDollz, we uphold our products to the highest level of quality, design and safety. Our products meet all current CPSIA regulations and ASTM-F963 toy safety standards.
At GirlznDollz, our ultimate goal is to help Girls discover and accept who they are, not what others want them to be. We want Girls to learn that imagination and compassion can open up their world and teach them to accept one another as they are.
The girls’ mantra at GirlznDollz is “I AM ME” and that slogan is strongly personified in our dolls. With our products, GirlznDollz’ emphasis is on quality, value, and uniqueness with a strong message to young girls:



As you browse our GirlznDollz store, you get to meet the Totz dolls: Leila, Cameron, Lexie, Elana, Sophia, Ashlee,Jessica, Cedric and Nicholas.  Each Tot is unique and expresses herself through what she likes, and what she wears.These Totz are fun to play with and can be any Totz’ best friend. They are perfect for newborn babies, and young toddlers, from ages 0 to 3 years old.

Next you will find the Girlz: Leila, Cameron, Victoria, Jessica, and Emme. The totz are all grown up as shown with these bigger, more grown up versions of our dolls.  Each doll has a unique fashion sense that mirrors her personality, her interests and who she wants to be. All the Girls are best friends and they all share the love of fashion and always look fabulous! The Girls are ideal for older toddlers, kindergarten girls and tweens, ages 3 to 10 years old. We invite you to enjoy each of our girls as your new BFF!