GirlznDollz Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with Answers October 14 2016, 0 Comments

What is GirlznDollz?

GirlznDollz is doll manufacturer of soft fabric rag dolls. We are also an importer, wholesaler and online doll retailer of our rag dolls on our website:

Our brand is also called "GirlznDollz" and all our doll products come with our brand name tag to identify our GirlznDollz brand. Each rag doll is unique and has its own personality, and it's own individual name and story.  Each baby doll is also a collectible limited edition.

What is GirlznDollz made of?

Our baby dolls are made with super soft fabrics, of polyester blend and contains no plastics.

Is GirlznDollz safe to children?

Yes. GirlznDollz baby dolls are fabric dolls made of materials that are non-flammable. Our baby dolls and toddler dolls contain no plastics and no chemicals. Our baby dolls are fully tested and are age graded. Each baby doll is also inspected and checked for defects before it is shipped to the customer 

Our rag dolls are perfect toddler girls, and we also have some infants and newborn dolls as well, with minimal hair targeted to young babies. Since they are made of fabrics, our baby dolls are washable, a feature all parents love.

What is the price range for GirlznDollz soft dolls?

Our soft baby dolls and toddler accessories range $9.99 to $14.99. Our bigger toddler dolls are great for older toddlers and girls and range from $19.99 to $29.99. We offer 10% off total doll purchase to all first time customers once they sign up on our website and we aslo hold various doll sales & promotions throughout the year.

Where you can you find GirlznDollz rag dolls for sale?

Girlzndollz baby dolls and toddler dolls are sold on our website at and can also be found at,,, (Mexico) as well as many boutique toy stores and gift shops throughout NJ, NJ, PA and a couple locations in Maryland, Colorado and Rhode Island. Check our Facebook page to see the detailed list of retailers. GirlznDollz also has seasonal pop up stores at Quaker bridge mall for Christmas and participate in various NJ and NY family fairs and festivals throughout the year. Make sure to visit our "Sales & Events page" for details.

Can GirlznDollz be found on social media?

Yes. GirlznDollz can be found on Facebook at Facebook/just2girlz, on twitter @girlzndollz1 and on Instagram/girlzndollz. Please follow us to get the latest news on our unique rag dolls.

What comes to mind when you think of GirlznDollz?

- soft toddler dolls made with love

- unique rag dolls that you cannot find anywhere.

- baby dolls that are safe and washable and actually wash really well according to many parents testimony.

- baby dolls made of unique and trendy fabrics.

- great holiday dolls perfect for Christmas gifts, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. We have adorable brown skin fabric dolls, biracial and African american dolls that are usually hard to find.

- fashionionable baby dolls that rival any other plastic and competitive fashion dolls in the marketplace.

- great variety of rag dolls for babies and toddlers: from princess dolls, to mermaid dolls, to Jumbo princess fabric dolls, ballerina dolls, angel dolls, fairy princess baby dolls, winter & summer dolls as well holiday dolls and black dolls. 

Now that you know all about GirlznDollz soft & unique baby dolls, we hope that you will start your holiday shopping with Girlzndollz this holiday and Christmas season.