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Inflation and a possible recession making us wary? Look for great toy deals for your toddler at Girlzndollz. We have the softest and most affordable dolls for toddlers this holiday Season. Check out GirlznDollz incredibly unique rag dolls with great diversity to fit every child. GirlznDollz.com has an amazing variety of dolls for toddlers and girls of various ages, as well as for babies and newborns. Toddlers and girls of all ages just love to cuddle with our baby dolls which are safe, and fashionable.  The smaller dolls, 14” in size are great for birthday gifts or Christmas stocking stuffers. All of our baby dolls and toddler dolls can be ordered by themselves, in a gift box, or in purse which serves as a doll carrier for the dolls. Either one makes a great holiday gift for kids. 

More doll choices for toddlers and older girls are offered in larger 18" size dolls. This size is the same as the American girl doll size. Packaged with the dollhouse gift box, it is a very sizeable fashion and toddler doll and makes an awesome Christmas gift. Our dolls vary in price but are affordable, priced at $16.99 to $24.99 at http://www.girlzndollz.com


Trending this Spring - Lots of Sparkle & pink June 14 2017, 14 Comments

To no one surprise, our top trending dolls includes lots sparkle and lots of pink! Really? But this is what girls and toddlers love. Pink is also GirlznDollz favorite color and the reason why we try to incorporate pink in everything we do. It's really our signature color and our most popular & best selling baby dolls are the pink ones.

Our fans love our pink dolls. Here are the styles that are most popular this spring! Check them out this summer. Any of them makes a great graduation gift for any toddler or tween girl of various ages.

1) Our Leila Princess Doll - she is our 14" princess doll. Dressed in pink sparkle dress, silver crown, she is an adorable rag doll that little girls love to add to their doll collection. We also have a dark pink fairy princess doll with wings that attracts a lot of interest as well. 


2) Although not pink, our silver angel princess doll (also called a snow angel doll) by toddler girls, is another favorite because of the all silver sparkle. Girls love the wings and all the sparkle in the dress. This rag doll is different from what girls are used to, therefore the reason for the draw. It's a cute princess doll alternative, a great African american doll, or an interracial doll. 


3) The 11" Jewels puppy that was designed to match our Leila princess doll, is a also a big hit for us at GirlznDollz. Little girls of all ages just love this super soft, plush puppy, with her silver princess crown, and the shaggy fur full of rhinestones. The pink puppy, together with our princess dolls make an awesome and so pink birthday gift for any little girl. Our soft plush puppy is also a great sleeping companion you can bring anywhere or stuff in any bag, or backpack.


4) Our dancer & ballerina dolls with lots of sparkle, and a touch of purple are also every parent's favorite choice when they are buying a recital gift, a little sister's gift or a birthday gift. Parents love the bonus toddler purse, and just how girly these baby dolls are. 

See for yourself as you cannot get any more girly than the Leila dancer doll with bag, all in ink and with a cute tutu skirt & matching toddler bag. The Elana ballerina doll with bag, a brown skin doll or the Jessica ballerina doll with bag in the brunette doll version, which offers a touch of purple, mixed with pink, are really adorable. The ballerina dolls can be bought separately without bag.

Either way, these rag dolls are a great value and would make great travel buddies this summer for many toddlers and girls at sleep away camps or great backpack plush companions.

5) Finally our toddler purses are also very popular. We all know how toddler girls love to carry purses. Well, our toddler purses at GirlznDollz are the prefect size for toddlers. They girl bags are made of plush fabric and are so affordable that they make great gifts by themselves or are a great add-on to an existing gift.  Parents love the price, and how soft and stylish the bags are in the animal print designs. A great buy at $11.99!

These toddler purses also have matching dolls, sold separately. 

CHRISTMAS 2016 TOP SELLING GIRLZNDOLLZ January 07 2017, 8 Comments

We know the holiday season is over! But soon kids’ birthdays will come, as well as Easter and other events and you might just need a unique gift for your little ones. So take advantage of GirlznDollz after Christmas & January clearance sales to save on many fun doll styles GirlznDollz had a great Christmas Season and we hope yours was great as well.

We are taking this opportunity to share with you what our bestselling dolls were at http://www.girlzndollz.com and other retailers in 2016. We have had great feedback from parents last year! Most comments were about the uniqueness of our baby dolls, and the great quality. Parents and kids alike also loved how soft and affordable our rag dolls were, in addition to being fashionable. Maybe this list can help you this year when shopping for a GirlznDollz. This list was put together using our 2016 sales of sold out items and bestselling baby dolls from various online shopping sites.

Our Number 1 sellers for 2016, have been our Leila holiday dolls with purse and Elana Polka dot fun doll, with or without purse.

Children love our Leila rag doll and with the soft pink or hot pink toddler purse, it was even more unique and special. Our Elana baby doll with the bright polka dot dress, soft brown skin, and brown curly hair was another great seller and was loved by our African American and ethnic parents and children. The candy shaped purse added another element to the doll and made it a great gift and great value for Christmas and gifts for any occasion! We quickly sold out of Elana polka dot fun doll with and without purse by end of December after a 2 year run with it.

Number 2 bestselling dolls was our new Jessica Holiday dress up with a fashionable zebra print dress and a matching toddler purse sold separately. The doll and the purse made a great combination and children and parents just love the hot pink zebra and black stripe combination. Jessica Holiday Dress up Doll is unique, different and so incredibly soft and all of that just made it a winning combination for parents and kids.

Number 3 best sellers were our Elana Jumbo princess Doll and our Emme leopard toddler doll. The pink leopard print on that toddler doll was a big draw for parents and in 18” size, this toddler doll is a great gift for older girls. At $19.99 with the gift box, customers love the great value of this fashion doll and girls loved how fashionable it is with the leopard print. The jumbo Elana Princess doll was another great seller. Kids just loved the size as it is a great cuddle plush toy. It’s like a big teddy bear, but instead it’s a big rag doll that is trendy, but is great for snuggling. It really is a great affordable gift for a toddler for birthday gift or even as an Easter gift. Besides, all little girls love princesses and it reminds kids of Disney Elena Princess doll. In addition, these were popular among the mixed, interracial children and our African American customers looking for cute, and unique African American dolls.


At Number 4 is our Leila cute doll. Usually our number seller, she has been replaced by many other great new doll styles, that are also more season appropriate, but we found that many or new customers still notice her. She is a very cute, bright, and fun looking rag doll and a great spring and summer baby doll.


We hope you have found this list useful. Even though the holidays are over, we have great deals and sales on many doll styles that can make great gifts for any little girl for any occasion.

Please visit http://www.girlzndollz.com to view our entire baby doll selection. You can also e-mail us at girlzndollz@gmail.com, use our contact us page or simply call us at 908-912-6955.

Recital season is here.... April 21 2016, 0 Comments


Dance and ballet recitals are coming up soon and GirlznDollz soft rag dolls can make the most adorable & affordable gifts for our toddler girl dancers.

http://www.girlzndollz.com is your online doll store for toddlers where you can find the most unique baby dolls for girls. If you are looking for soft dolls for toddlers and infants, that are also cute and affordable, you have to check out our GirlznDollz store. Whether it’s for a birthday, or an upcoming recital, or for a baby shower, our soft baby dolls are great gift ideas for infants, girls or young toddlers.

For Recital or birthday gifts:

Our sparkly ballerinas are pink and girly, making them ideal gifts for our  ballerina dancers.

Add the matching purse to create an even special gift that your young dancer will never forget. Our ballerina or dancer dolls with purse are among our best selling baby dolls for girls because they are affordable & provide outstanding value for the parent, while creating lasting memories for the toddler.

 Watch our Youtube video reviews here through this link to find out more about our best selling dolls and doll purses and our giveaway lasting until 5/2/16. https://youtu.be/FQexH2GqSJY



For baby shower gifts or birthday gifts for infants!

GirlznDollz online doll store also has soft baby dolls for infants that are made with washable fabrics, with no plastics, making them very safe for babies and great soft dolls for toddlers to cuddle with. Grab them by themselves to add to a baby shower basket, for stocking stuffers or add the dollhouse gift box for a ready made gift box for birthday gifts.




What’s Trending at GirlznDollz.com? November 09 2015, 0 Comments

  1. Leila dolls

Ever since our 2014 launch, our “Leila Cute” pink hair doll with blue eyes, ruffled dress and flower accessories, has been the favorite among our customers. A year and an half later, she is still our best seller. Leila cute is pink, simple, but yet so adorable, as we’ve been told by parents and kids who fell in love with that doll. Surprisingly, that doll crosses over many seasons and stays consistently the best seller no matter the area, platform or event where it is sold. One would not be surprised to know that “Leila Cute” was indeed the owner’s first doll design in the GirlznDollz line.

 Because of the continuous interest and success of our “Leila Cute” doll, GirlznDollz has expanded the line to create a variety of Leila dolls dressed in different outfits by season, by age group, and also to cover different interests. At the GirlznDollz store, you can also find Leila school outing in a fall outfit, Leila Polka dot Cutie designed for babies, newborns and young toddlers, Leila dancer for the ballerinas and dancers, and Leila Rock Star ideal for older girls, 5 years and up. See below doll pictures with various Leila styles with the first one, Leila cute and others as named above in order. Our Leila dolls come in 14” size and 18” size with prices ranging from $12.99 to $19.99.


2.  Doll Purses

Our Leila doll line also extends in doll purses, which are our next top sellers in the GirlznDollz line. Girls have fallen in love with our doll purses. This great combination of doll and purse offers a great value to our customers with 2 gifts in one. With the doll purses, GirlznDollz gets extremely creative and girly by offering fun choices for girls ranging from tutu styled purses, candy shaped bags and holiday purses.

 As shown here, our doll purses include a full size 14” doll and a little girl’s purse, which as a set, have great play value as the purse can be used as a doll carrier, a doll crib or simply a toddler handbag. Children absolutely adore the purse sets and parents love the price. The doll purses are indeed competitively priced at $19.99 offering a unique holiday or birthday gift under $20.

 On sale since last Christmas 2014, we found that customers prefer the doll purses to the traditional display box package because the purses are reusable, there are no boxes wasted, and most of all they are convenient to pack and ship. As the holiday approaches, our soft rag dolls with matching purse make a unique and affordable gift, perfect for any little girl who loves dolls. Great for toddlers and older children, they are also washable, and come in a variety of styles that can be matched with various other GirlznDollz with blonde, brunette, pink hair and red hair, as well as ethnic dolls.


  1. Mermaid Dolls

Lastly, our mermaid dolls have also been very popular since they were introduced this summer. They are fun, sparkly, and very colorful. Cameron the Rainbow mermaid doll is the favorite of the two, and is ranked our 2nd best seller, after Leila Cute. She is the 14” blond mermaid with side pony tail, pink sparkle top, and a rainbow tail that attracts all the little girls. The bright colors mixed with the sparkle rainbow tail, is definitely a winning combination among toddlers.

 At Girlzndollz, we are always working to develop innovative dolls and accessories. Coming up next year is personalization of our dolls, introduction of princess dolls, pink hair ethnic dolls, and possibly a line of clothing and accessories for the existing dolls. Feel free to provide your comments, and let us know which style of bags and dolls you would like to see next in our line. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback on what we are working on and tell us what we are missing.