What’s Trending at GirlznDollz.com? November 09 2015, 0 Comments

  1. Leila dolls

Ever since our 2014 launch, our “Leila Cute” pink hair doll with blue eyes, ruffled dress and flower accessories, has been the favorite among our customers. A year and an half later, she is still our best seller. Leila cute is pink, simple, but yet so adorable, as we’ve been told by parents and kids who fell in love with that doll. Surprisingly, that doll crosses over many seasons and stays consistently the best seller no matter the area, platform or event where it is sold. One would not be surprised to know that “Leila Cute” was indeed the owner’s first doll design in the GirlznDollz line.

 Because of the continuous interest and success of our “Leila Cute” doll, GirlznDollz has expanded the line to create a variety of Leila dolls dressed in different outfits by season, by age group, and also to cover different interests. At the GirlznDollz store, you can also find Leila school outing in a fall outfit, Leila Polka dot Cutie designed for babies, newborns and young toddlers, Leila dancer for the ballerinas and dancers, and Leila Rock Star ideal for older girls, 5 years and up. See below doll pictures with various Leila styles with the first one, Leila cute and others as named above in order. Our Leila dolls come in 14” size and 18” size with prices ranging from $12.99 to $19.99.


2.  Doll Purses

Our Leila doll line also extends in doll purses, which are our next top sellers in the GirlznDollz line. Girls have fallen in love with our doll purses. This great combination of doll and purse offers a great value to our customers with 2 gifts in one. With the doll purses, GirlznDollz gets extremely creative and girly by offering fun choices for girls ranging from tutu styled purses, candy shaped bags and holiday purses.

 As shown here, our doll purses include a full size 14” doll and a little girl’s purse, which as a set, have great play value as the purse can be used as a doll carrier, a doll crib or simply a toddler handbag. Children absolutely adore the purse sets and parents love the price. The doll purses are indeed competitively priced at $19.99 offering a unique holiday or birthday gift under $20.

 On sale since last Christmas 2014, we found that customers prefer the doll purses to the traditional display box package because the purses are reusable, there are no boxes wasted, and most of all they are convenient to pack and ship. As the holiday approaches, our soft rag dolls with matching purse make a unique and affordable gift, perfect for any little girl who loves dolls. Great for toddlers and older children, they are also washable, and come in a variety of styles that can be matched with various other GirlznDollz with blonde, brunette, pink hair and red hair, as well as ethnic dolls.


  1. Mermaid Dolls

Lastly, our mermaid dolls have also been very popular since they were introduced this summer. They are fun, sparkly, and very colorful. Cameron the Rainbow mermaid doll is the favorite of the two, and is ranked our 2nd best seller, after Leila Cute. She is the 14” blond mermaid with side pony tail, pink sparkle top, and a rainbow tail that attracts all the little girls. The bright colors mixed with the sparkle rainbow tail, is definitely a winning combination among toddlers.

 At Girlzndollz, we are always working to develop innovative dolls and accessories. Coming up next year is personalization of our dolls, introduction of princess dolls, pink hair ethnic dolls, and possibly a line of clothing and accessories for the existing dolls. Feel free to provide your comments, and let us know which style of bags and dolls you would like to see next in our line. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback on what we are working on and tell us what we are missing.