What’s New & Trending this Fall at GirlznDollz? September 28 2016, 1 Comment

 GirlznDollz best selling baby dolls

Our “Leila” fabric dolls with soft pink hair have always been our bestselling baby dolls and the favorite with many customers. Because of the great popularity of our Leila cute baby doll, GirlznDollz has expanded the line to create a variety of Leila rag dolls dressed in different outfits and differentiated by season, age group, and with different themes. At the GirlznDollz store, you can also find Leila school outing baby doll in a fall outfit, Leila Polka dot Cutie newborn doll great for infants, babies, and young toddlers, Leila dancer soft doll similar to a ballerina or dancer doll, and our Leila holiday doll which is almost sold out and which often competed with Leila cute for first place. Soon we will have a Leila princess doll and a Leila Fairy princess doll in 14”size and for the first time a jumbo 25” size.

See below doll pictures with various Leila styles all priced at only $14.99. Our Jumbo size princess toddler doll not pictured will be $29.99

Doll Purses

Our Leila fabric doll line also extends in doll purses, which are our great sellers in the GirlznDollz line. Our best sellers are shown here with Leila Holiday dress up doll with bag in hot pink our top seller. Girls just love our soft toddler dolls with matching bonus purse, which can be used as a doll carrier or a toddler purse or girl handbag. This great combination of doll and purse offers a great value to our customers with 2 gifts in one, making these rag dolls great holiday gifts. Please keep GirlznDollz soft ragdolls with toddler purse in mind when writing your holiday list



Parents just love the price of these baby dolls with toddler bags. The doll purses are priced at a great price of $19.99 offering a unique holiday or birthday gift under $20.

Our toddler doll purses are also a great option to the traditional display box package because the purses are reusable and convenient to pack and ship. As the holiday approaches, our soft rag dolls with matching purse make a unique and affordable gift, perfect for any toddler girl or children who love dolls.  These adorable soft toys are also washable and come in a great variety of styles.

Black skin, African American Baby Dolls

Lastly, our black skin, fashion toddler dolls have also been very popular since they are super adorable and because African American or biracial baby dolls are hard to find in stores. We offer quite a variety of black rag dolls. With their softness and great style, our soft fabric dolls with brown skin are unique and quite popular and definitely a favorite among toddler girls and their parents.

At Girlzndollz, we are always working to develop unique, fashionable fabric dolls and toddler accessories at affordable prices. Feel free to share any feedback, and let us know what you like, and what we can improve.