Recital season is here.... April 21 2016, 0 Comments


Dance and ballet recitals are coming up soon and GirlznDollz soft rag dolls can make the most adorable & affordable gifts for our toddler girl dancers. is your online doll store for toddlers where you can find the most unique baby dolls for girls. If you are looking for soft dolls for toddlers and infants, that are also cute and affordable, you have to check out our GirlznDollz store. Whether it’s for a birthday, or an upcoming recital, or for a baby shower, our soft baby dolls are great gift ideas for infants, girls or young toddlers.

For Recital or birthday gifts:

Our sparkly ballerinas are pink and girly, making them ideal gifts for our  ballerina dancers.

Add the matching purse to create an even special gift that your young dancer will never forget. Our ballerina or dancer dolls with purse are among our best selling baby dolls for girls because they are affordable & provide outstanding value for the parent, while creating lasting memories for the toddler.

 Watch our Youtube video reviews here through this link to find out more about our best selling dolls and doll purses and our giveaway lasting until 5/2/16.



For baby shower gifts or birthday gifts for infants!

GirlznDollz online doll store also has soft baby dolls for infants that are made with washable fabrics, with no plastics, making them very safe for babies and great soft dolls for toddlers to cuddle with. Grab them by themselves to add to a baby shower basket, for stocking stuffers or add the dollhouse gift box for a ready made gift box for birthday gifts.