The Holidays are right around the corner….Here’s a few tips to tackle your children's holiday list! September 24 2015, 0 Comments

 Buying children toys for the holidays can quite a challenge for some families. For parents and children, the holidays often mean different things. For the child, it symbolizes toys, Santa, and time off school. For the parent, it means holiday list, holiday shopping, huge crowd, and a big dent in the family’s budget. 

 The holiday list is usually a long list of gifts to be purchased for children in the immediate and extended family. That task has becomes quite a chore for the mother, who is usually in charge of making the list, and shopping for that list. Many parents can agree that this added responsibility creates a lot of stress and anxiety during the holiday season.

 Fortunately, the younger the child, the easier and shorter the holiday list can be since it is usually created by the parent,  and a baby or small toddler tends to appreciate any toy that is received as long as it’s soft, colorful, makes some type of noise, or relates to a familiar show or theme.

Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions for the new parent or grandparent when creating a holiday list and shopping for that age group.

-  Look out for toy holiday guides from various mommy blogs, TV shows or family magazines that often feature the hottest children toys by age group (infant & pre-school), or from eco-friendly to educational toys.

- Check toy reviews from trusted sources and websites and see what their recommendations are by age groups. Those sites are usually well informed on the newest toys, toy safety and recalls.

- Your neighborhood toy store can create a personal and easier shopping experience as their owners or clerks are usually very helpful in guiding the new parent or disoriented shopper with their holiday toy list. If shopping at large retailers, check out their best sellers, or toy recommendations and read online reviews from other parents.

- Finally, keep in mind the following elements when shopping for infant/young toddler toys: softness, washability, safety, attractiveness in terms of color and creativity.

 Now for the older child, the holiday list tends to be longer and more expensive because the list often includes the trendiest toys from TV ads and shows. Although more extensive, creating and shopping for that list is an easier task since older children are quite involved in making their Santa wish list.

What to do before creating and shopping for the holiday list

The main thing is to listen to your children’s comments, be aware of the shows they love and the ads that catch their eye. You can also find out what are the hottest toys by searching for popular movies of the year and the licensed toys associated with these movies, or simply browsing retailer’s best selling items.

The biggest trick however is staying within a certain budget when shopping for the holiday list. That can be accomplished by checking for deals, and comparison shopping online before hitting the stores.

Another suggestion is to enlist the help of grandparents, aunts, and in-laws to share in the expense of certain toys on the list, or just simply dividing the list of toys with the family, and deciding who will buy which toys. This will ensure that the whole list is covered, in turn reducing potential disappointment, while at the same time controlling holiday expenses and stress.

Finally, have the child prioritize their wish list, so the most wanted items are on top of the list and not forgotten by Santa or you. Since many wish list items are usually those expensive licensed or electronic toys, knowing the important items on the holiday list will help figuring out the holiday budget and what toy expense will need to be shared.

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