GirlznDollz’ Children Holiday guide: find trendy and affordable gifts to fit any budget October 13 2015, 1 Comment


At, our goal is to provide high quality, fashionable rag dolls at affordable prices. Reduce holiday spending anxiety when you shop at . See our picks for different age groups based on our most popular, best selling dolls.


Dolls for newborn and babies under $15

Our Leila Polka dot cutie and Cameron Gingham Cutie, as pictured are great choices for newborns and young toddlers who are still teething. These dolls are incredibly soft and safe for all ages. They were designed with minimal hair and embroidered eyes to minimize any choking hazards since babies tend to put everything in their mouth. The hats are completely sewn on the doll’s head and the clothes and shoes can only be removed by an adult. These dolls are available in choice of soft pink and darker pink. We also have 2 styles of boy dolls great for young baby boys, available in traditional brown hair and in a fun green hair version. All dolls are 14” in size and priced at $12.99

Dolls for toddlers and children 3 and up, under $15

GirlznDollz offers a wide variety of cuddly toddler rag dolls, which vary in colors and designs. They ship in a free dollhouse shaped display box. Choose from ballerina, mermaid and holiday dolls. Our Leila dolls with pink hair and the mermaids are among the most popular styles, favored by most girls of various ages. Parents who are looking for more traditional dolls who look like their child, get to choose from brown hair, blonde and even red hair dolls. Check out to view our complete line of Leila dolls and dolls in various hair colors.

Dolls for toddlers and Tween girls under $20

Here for gifts under $20, our recommendations are our best selling doll purses. These are actual little girl hand bags, which can also be used as doll carriers. Those have been our best sellers since last Christmas and have continued to be very popular at retail stores, online and at various events all year long. Because of their popularity, we have added many styles from candy shaped bags, to doll purses shaped like ballerina or tutu skirts and holiday style bags. Inside each bag is a full size 14” doll, which is a great value by providing shoppers with 2 gifts in one, and perfect for children 3 years and up.

Other great choices are our larger 18” size dolls, which come in a large dollhouse shaped box and are great for older children 5 years and up. Of course, one cannot go wrong with our best selling, and award winning pink hair doll: Leila Rockstar.

Finally, carries a great selection of cute, unique ethnic dolls priced under $15 and under $20. They are available in 14” size, 18” size and in various styles, colors and doll purses. They are great for various ethnic cultures, black, multiracial and Hispanic families. Our best selling ethnic rag dolls are shown here. Please check our website to view our complete selection of black, ethnic dolls available for sale.