What's coming up at Girlzndollz.com July 26 2016, 0 Comments

Plush toys or stuffed toys as they are sometimes called; are popular with kids of various ages, whether they are stuffed animals, licensed stuffed toys or soft rag dolls. They are perfect for gifts for babies, toddlers, and young girls up to 11 years old, because they make great cuddling companions and warm friends in bed and anywhere. In addition, soft toys are readily available and a nice variety can be found at most local stores and they are also very popular online. The only catch with stuffed toys for parents is that kids are always looking for something new and trendy or like one would say the hottest toy around each year. So companies like us, GirlznDollz always have to keep up to date with fashion and introduce something fresh & fun every year to compete. We try to do just that by making all of our rag dolls limited edition, which in turn allows our dolls to remain current, something that our customers absolutely love. That’s definitely one of the reasons we called our fabric dolls: fashion dolls.

So with that in mind, this year, GirlznDollz is on trend and right on time with their new 2016-2017 doll & accessory line introduced both at the Astra 2016 show in Denver in June and the Philly Gift show in July.

So let’s see what’s new at GirlznDollz for this coming Fall & winter!

A new princess Line

Since our 14” totz dolls are our most popular doll size as they are ideal for babies & young toddlers, we have introduced a Leila soft pink princess doll, all pink with silver crown and trims, a dark pink Leila Fairy Princess with gold crown and wings and our African American (black or multiracial) Elana doll as a brown skinned white angel doll. So far, these little gems have been very popular at the trade shows and pricing is still reasonable at $14.99, which make them an affordable gift and a great impulse buy. 

But, even more popular this year are our jumbo versions of the Princess line. We have kept them simple, but beautiful and sparkly. The jumbo princesses are 25” in size. Adorned with gold and silver trims, our larger princess rag dolls will come in 3 styles: all pink/silver Leila Princess, a traditional blonde princess doll with blue dress & crown and our brown skin,(black or multiracial) princess doll with hot pink fashion.  Those jumbo princess fabric dolls will make a unique gift for Christmas, Hanukah or any  holidays and will run for $24.99.

 Soft Plush toys as the new pets

Completely new this year are our new pet friends, which we introduce to you as Jewels the puppy - Leila’s new soft pet,  and Tessie the glam pony, Emme’s new plush friend . These super soft stuffed animals, in fashionable fabrics are still very girly & sparkly and make a wonderful & whimsical addition to our soft doll line. Our adorable soft pets also come assorted with 3D blankets that every little girl will love. These 2 new items added to the GirlznDollz line are as follow:  A pink furry & extra soft blanket, full of rhinestones matches the fabric of Jewels the pup, and a leopard blanket with multi-color pompom matches the cape of Tessie the pony.

Since our original Leila Holiday doll is almost sold out, we are introducing a 14” Jessica holiday doll in a hot pink zebra print outfit, and a matching purse, sold separately!  We will also have a winter themed Jessica doll in 18” size, and she comes with a matching purse as well. Finally Emme, our most popular ethnic brown skin  rag doll is now dressed in a leopard outfit and also comes with a matching purse, sold separately. She is already loved by many and is a great seller at the trade shows!

All soft dolls, blankets and stuffed animals will be available for Pre-order by early September and will be in stock by end of September. At GirlznDollz, we can’t wait for Fall, Christmas and the other holidays to come!