Find the softest, most unique Dolls for Toddlers for holiday and Christmas gifts at December 24 2015, 1 Comment

Looking for soft and affordable dolls for toddlers this holiday Season? Check out GirlznDollz incredibly soft & unique rag dolls. has an amazing variety of dolls for toddlers and girls of various ages, as well as for babies and newborns. We have received amazing feedback from parents and grandparents on how soft and affordable GirlznDollz soft rag dolls are. The little girls themselves just love to cuddle with our soft dolls which are cuddly and safe for them. The smaller dolls, 14” in size are great for Christmas stocking stuffers. They can be ordered by themselves, or they can come in the dollhouse box, which serves as a storage for the dolls but also a ready made gift box for a great holiday gift. 

More doll choices for toddlers are offered in larger size dolls. This size is the same as the American girl doll size. Packaged with the dollhouse gift box, it is a very sizeable toddler doll and makes an awesome Christmas gift. Most dolls in that size are priced at $24.99, but at, find all toddler dolls under $19.99, with starting price at $12.99.





We also offer the smaller rag dolls in the doll purses as well and these are especially popular for toddler girls this Christmas. At , we offer a great selection of doll purses and bags, assorted with the most popular and our best selling rag doll styles. The doll purses with a full size doll inside are exclusive to GirlznDollz and can only be found at   or GirlznDollz affiliate stores. They are unique and make affordable Christmas, or holiday gifts. 

So start your Christmas shopping at   and get amazing deals, variety and unique rag dolls for toddlers and girls up to 10 years old. Browse our website to find the most adorable rag dolls in pink hair, blue hair, blonde, brunette hair, and even orange hair as can be seen with our Lexie doll. Also find special interest dolls like ballerinas, dancers, mermaids, holiday and newborn dolls, and ethnic dolls, great for black, Hispanic, and multiracial babies, toddlers and girls.