Fun suggestions of great summer activities for a toddler July 02 2016, 2 Comments


Here are some fun suggestions of great summer activities for a toddler

Moms, grandparents, here are a few fun things you can do with  your child. Also find some great child friendly activities to suggest to your toddler this summer that can be shared with friends.

Make Homemade Popsicle

Using fresh squeezed lemonade or apple juice, make your child a fruit juice Popsicle or make a smoothie Popsicle with fresh blended fruit like watermelon & pineapple, mixed berries, strawberry and banana. Pop them in the freezer after blending for 2 hours for a great frozen treat.

Make homemade ice cream sandwiches

This should be easy and fun to do with kids of ages 3 and up. Be creative. Use your favorite soft cookie and ice cream flavor of your choice. Decorate with gummy bears, rainbow or chocolate sprinkles or other chocolate treats.

Grow a small vegetable garden such as tomatoes that’s easy to do and encourage your toddler to get involved in watering and harvesting.

Find a local farm and go blueberry or cherry Picking

After spending time all day at the farm, freeze your pickings for frozen fruit, make preserve, or bake homemade pies with your toddler.

 Have a backyard picnic on your lawn.

Invite your child’s best friends, the neighbors or just close family and use their favorite toys or dolls for company and have a picnic on your front lawn or backyard.

Have a BBQ picnic at a local park.

 Have a spontaneous BBQ picnic at a local park close to a playground. Invite other parents and share the food & have some relaxing fun and reconnect with friends from school. Bring their favorite toys, rag dolls and board games.

Play dress up with friends and have a doll pageant

Play dress up among friends or with fashion dolls or stuffed toys and have a pageant for best dressed at the end.

Put together a doll party

Have an afternoon Iced Tea Party with friends, their dolls, and your toddler’s favorite stuffed teddy bears. Invite their girlfriends to bring their own soft toys or plastic dolls and organize an afternoon doll party.

Hold a bike parade

A bike parade can be super fun with kids and will encourage your children to stay active and do a fun exercise. Invite the kids in neighborhood, have them decorate their bikes with stickers, flags and their favorite rag doll or soft toys and have everyone (including the dolls), dress up for the occasion.

 Freshen up your toddler’s doll collection

Freshen up your toddler’s doll collection by updating the dolls’ wardrobe with flea market finds, exchanging doll clothes with friends or swapping clothes from plastic fashion dolls to use on soft rag dolls and vice and versa.

Freshen up your toddler’s room this summer

Redecorate your toddler’s room with a few summer décor like summer flowers, fun doll pillows, a girly border, some fun doll posters, or it could just by rearranging or organizing their doll closet/trunk.

 Participate in fun local activities

Find out about outdoor movie nights and concerts happening in your local community for kids. They are easy to find at your local library or municipal recreation programs or at your local church. Many stay at home moms, single moms and toddler moms often form groups and blogs to share in activities and community news. Keep in touch and get involved.

I hope you and your child can find any of these suggestions fun and useful. Feel free to comment or share some fun ideas of your own.