What makes GirlznDollz rag dolls unique? October 13 2015, 0 Comments

  • GirlznDollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl! Our dolls are designed to be extremely girly, hence the extreme use of pink and purple colors that girls love and as much glitter and sparkle fabrics as possible in our doll designs. You can also see pink and the word “girl” consistently used in our logo and our website: http://www.girlzndollz.com
  • GirlznDollz has a powerful and positive message to girls. Be Confident, Be Happy, Be you. Through our dolls, we encourage girls to express their individuality, to be confident and to believe in themselves. The girls’ mantra at GirlznDollz is “I AM ME” and that slogan is strongly personified in our dolls, their stories and personalities.
  • Our rag dolls are made of high quality fabrics that are fashionable and as trendy as the popular plastic dolls in the marketplace
  • Our dolls contain no plastic pieces since the eyes are embroidered and all parts are sewn. GirlznDollz rag dolls are made only with soft materials which make the dolls as cuddly as a stuffed teddy bear. Girls just love to cuddle with our dolls. 
  • Since our dolls are only made of fabrics, they are washable, a benefit parents love. 
  • Girlzndollz appeal to a wide age group of children, from newborn babies, to young toddlers and tween girls. Pre-school, kindergarten and grammar school age children are our primary customers. 
  • GirlznDollz rag dolls are very affordable and priced to fit every budget. All dolls are strategically priced under $20. 
  • Our dolls come with a uniquely designed dollhouse gift box, which is reusable as a gift box, doll storage or a fantasy dollhouse. An alternative to the dollhouse box is our best selling doll purses which come are available in many styles and can be used as doll carrier or a little girl’s hand bag.