Why are soft toys making a comeback? September 20 2015, 0 Comments

 Why soft plush toys are making a comeback?

Nowadays, with the rising popularity and increase use of electronic toys, parents and grandparents alike are going back to their childhood, welcoming old-fashioned toys that they once used, for their own children and grandchildren in an effort to limit the excessive exposure to technology accessible to young children today.

 Soft toys unlike many new electronic toys, foster creativity, encourage child engagement and force kids to use their imagination through pretend play. These type of toys also are great companions for kids for many years, and often are sleeping buddies, making them feel safe, and therefore creating lasting memories throughout their childhood.

 Stuffed plush toys, whether teddy bears or rag dolls are made with washable fabrics, are devoid of hard plastics or choking hazards, and are usually a safer choice for babies and young toddlers, making them a preference for new parents. 

 Finally, because they are made of fabrics, soft toys offer versatility and come in various forms, sizes, and colors. Most of all they are also usually very affordable.

 Indeed, one can find many varieties of soft toys, from stuffed animals like teddy bears and puppies, to soft rag dolls, blankets and animal pillows that all children can enjoy.

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