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What is GirlznDollz?

GirlznDollz is a doll manufacturer of soft fabric rag dolls. Our dolls can be found at several boutique stores throughout NJ, NY and PA and sold online on our website at: http://GirlznDollz.com

 GirlznDollz:  Our Story and how we got started

GirlznDollz came into existence as a result of our founder’s passion for dolls as a child, and her love of fashion! Her inspiration for the dolls was also fueled by her daughter, who shares her passion for dolls and playing dress up! Together, they designed each doll, all the outfits and accessories found on each of our dolls. 

The GirlznDollz team consists of toy industry professionals, with 20 years of experience in toy marketing, and have previously designed for many well known toy retailers.

 GirlZnDollz message and what makes us unique.

GirlznDollz celebrates everything there is to being a girl! Empowerment starts at an early age and GirlznDollz wants to grow with your child. With our dolls, we hope to inspire girl's creativity, encourage the spirit of individuality, and create fun and lasting memories for your child. Our message to young girls is to be confident and to believe in themselves, thus our slogan:  Be Confident! Be Happy! Be you!

Our dolls are designed to be uniquely fashionable and girly, as much as any plastic dolls in the marketplace. But GirlznDollz emphasis is on softness, quality, safety and affordability, which differentiates us from our competition.  Each Girlzndollz is sewn with soft, velvety fabric, has embroidered eyes and the softest hair, which make our dolls as soft as any teddy bear. Girls just love to snuggle with GirlznDollz!

 Our Unique Rag Dolls are based on real life characters that all girls can identify with and will want to collect, play with, and love. That’s why each doll has a name, a story, and personality which can be found in the pamphlet shipped with every doll from http://GirlznDollz.com.

As you browse http://GirlznDollz.com, you get to meet the Totz dolls: Leila, Cameron, Lexie, Elana, Sophia, Ashlee, Jessica, Cedric and Nicholas.  The totz dolls are 14 inches in size and are perfect for newborn, babies, and toddlers. 

Next you will find the Girlz: Leila, Cameron, Victoria, and Emme. The totz are all grown up as shown with these bigger, more grown up versions of our dolls.  The Girls are ideal for older toddlers, kindergarten girls and tweens, ages 3 to 10 years old. 

 Each GirlznDollz is a collectible limited edition and when ordered at http://GirlznDollz.com comes with a dollhouse gift box. Prices are affordable and range from $12.99 to $19.99

We invite you to enjoy each of our dolls as your new BFF!